I have a JSON file on GitHub pages, it's about 2 MB uncompressed. I access that file via jQuery's $.get() method. I'd like to gzip the file, which shrinks it to about 500 KB, but when I put the gzipped file on GitHub pages, $.get() doesn't work with an error: Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token

I think the problem is that GitHub pages doesn't set the Content-Encoding: gzip header on the JSON file, and the GET request thinks it's dealing with a plain JSON file. Is there any way to either:

  1. Force GitHub pages to add the Content-Encoding: gzip header to a .json file, OR
  2. Configure the AJAX request so that it knows it's dealing with a gzipped JSON file, even though the server hasn't told it that the content is zipped

Github pages is already gziping html, css, js, json,... It's useless to try to do better by gziping json yourself.

A 1.3M json is sent as 357KB one by github pages. See here and click on "load json" link.


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