I'm implementing a low-latency drum set with TheAmazingAudioEngine framework. I have a scene with a single button and a viewController with the methods below. This code works very well if I touch the button slowly. But if I touch it many times in a short period of time --- 10 times per second, for instance ---, the sound is not played in some touches, without error messages. The audio sample is short (less than 2 seconds).

Why does it happen? What is wrong in my implementation?

I choose TheAmazingAudioEngine instead of AVAudioPlayer to get low-latency between the touch and the sound.

override func viewDidLoad() {

    // Enable multiple touch for the button
    for v in view.subviews {
        if v.isKindOfClass(UIButton) {
            v.multipleTouchEnabled = true

    // Init audio
    audioController = AEAudioController(audioDescription: AEAudioController.nonInterleavedFloatStereoAudioDescription())

    audioURL = NSBundle.mainBundle().URLForResource("shortSound", withExtension: "wav")!

    do {
        try audioController?.start()
    } catch {
        print("AudioController start Error")


override func viewDidDisappear(animated: Bool) {


@IBAction func playSound(sender: UIButton) {
    do {
        let player = try AEAudioFilePlayer(URL: audioURL)
        player.removeUponFinish = true
    } catch {
        print("Player start Error")


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