I'm trying to launch the kafka-mesos framework scheduler using the docker container as prescribed at https://github.com/mesos/kafka/tree/master/src/docker#running-image-in-marathon using the Marathon implementation running in minimesos (I would like to add a minimesos tag, but don't have the points). The app is registered and can be seen in the Marathon console but it remains in Waiting state and the Deployment GUI says that it is trying to ScaleApplication.

I've tried looking for /var/log files in the marathon and mesos-master containers that might show why this is happening. Initially i thought it may have been because the image was not pulled, so i added "forcePullImage": true to the JSON app configuration but it still waits. I've also changed the networking from HOST to BRIDGE on the assumption that this is consistent with the minimesos caveats at http://minimesos.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ .

In the mesos log i do see:
I0106 20:07:15.259790 15 master.cpp:4967] Sending 1 offers to framework 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-0000 (marathon) at scheduler-575c233a-8bc3-413f-b070-505fcf138ece@
I0106 20:07:15.266100 9 master.cpp:3300] Processing DECLINE call for offers: [ 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-O77 ] for framework 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-0000 (marathon) at scheduler-575c233a-8bc3-413f-b070-505fcf138ece@
I0106 20:07:15.266633 9 hierarchical.hpp:1103] Recovered ports(*):[33000-34000]; cpus(*):1; mem(*):1001; disk(*):13483 (total: ports(*):[33000-34000]; cpus(*):1; mem(*):1001; disk(*):13483, allocated: ) on slave 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-S0 from framework 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-0000
I0106 20:07:15.266770 9 hierarchical.hpp:1140] Framework 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-0000 filtered slave 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-S0 for 2mins
I0106 20:07:16.261010 11 hierarchical.hpp:1521] Filtered offer with ports(*):[33000-34000]; cpus(*):1; mem(*):1001; disk(*):13483 on slave 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-S0 for framework 5e1508a8-0024-4626-9e0e-5c063f3c78a9-0000
I0106 20:07:16.261245 11 hierarchical.hpp:1326] No resources available to allocate!
I0106 20:07:16.261335 11 hierarchical.hpp:1421] No inverse offers to send out!
but I'm not sure if this is relevant since it does not correlate to the resource settings in the Kafka App config. The GUI shows that no tasks have been created.

I do have ten mesosphere/inky docker tasks running alongside the attempted Kafka deployment. This may be a configuration issue specific to the Kafka docker image. I just don't know the best way to debug it. Perhaps a case of increasing the log levels in a config file. It may be an environment variable or network setting. I'm digging into it and will update my progress, but any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • perhaps i should add that the Docker repository used for the mesos-kafka image is public. The image was built and pushed to DockerHub according to the instructions at github.com/mesos/kafka/tree/master/src/… . – James Fremen Jan 6 '16 at 20:50
  • there is also a docker commandline to run kafka-mesos according to the instructions: docker run -it -p 7000:7000 --add-host=master: batwicket/kafka-mesos ./kafka-mesos.sh scheduler --master=master:5050 --zk=master:2181 --api=http://<accessible-ip>:7000 --storage=zk:/kafka-mesos but get an error: 2016-01-06 20:40:33,448 [main-SendThread(master:2181)] WARN org.apache.zookeeper.ClientCnxn - Session 0x0 for server null, unexpected error, closing socket connection and attempting reconnect I believe the zookeeper config is different for minimesos. – James Fremen Jan 6 '16 at 20:56
  • Looking at the mesos log on the master and filtering for marathon i see: Processing REVIVE call for framework 7e93533d-9b6a-46f9-ab08-1e771cb7327b-0000 (marathon) at scheduler-2cb48b67-ccde-4f6d-9360-3a7c01541bab@ Sending 1 offers to framework 7e93533d-9b6a-46f9-ab08-1e771cb7327b-0000 (marathon) at scheduler-2cb48b67-ccde-4f6d-9360-3a7c01541bab@ Processing DECLINE call for offers: [ 7e93533d-9b6a-46f9-ab08-1e771cb7327b-O9 ] for framework 7e93533d-9b6a-46f9-ab08-1e771cb7327b-0000 (marathon) at scheduler-2cb48b67-ccde-4f6d-9360-3a7c01541bab@ – James Fremen Jan 7 '16 at 4:36
  • docker logs <marathon container id> shows: [2016-01-07 04:53:13,264] WARN Offer [7e93533d-9b6a-46f9-ab08-1e771cb7327b-O23]. Constraints for app [/kafka-mesos-scheduler] not satisfied. The conflicting constraints are: [field: "hostname" operator: LIKE value: "master" ] The hostname in the offer is 0f366bef3c2a so mesos-kafka appears to expect a name resolution that isn't present in the minimesos runtime environment. – James Fremen Jan 7 '16 at 5:25
  • it would seem to be a problem with the kafka-mesos JSON file. The resource on offer is the id associated with one of the mesos slaves. If i remove the constraint line in the JSON file it launches. – James Fremen Jan 7 '16 at 5:56

Thanks for trying this out! I am looking into this and you can follow progress on this issue at https://github.com/ContainerSolutions/minimesos/issues/188 and https://github.com/mesos/kafka/issues/172

  • It would be great if you could update this answer at some point in the future when the issue is completed. Just for the benefit of people who find this question on SO :) – N3dst4 Jan 11 '16 at 13:48
  • will do.. I think it's just a question of when they get time to implement the feature or find/suggest how to properly set LIBPROCESS_IP. The minimesos project is essentially a shell on top of docker to start/stop master/slave/marathon/zookeeper containers in a batch. You can do something similar with medium.com/@gargar454/… if blocked. – James Fremen Jan 12 '16 at 21:55

FYI I got Mesos Kafka installed on minimesos via a quickstart shell script. See this PR on Mesos Kafka https://github.com/mesos/kafka/pull/183

It does not use Marathon and the minimesos install command yet. That is the next step.

  • thanks for the update, Frank. I've been rather busy on other matters but will come back to it. – James Fremen Mar 3 '16 at 6:44

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