What is the maximum value of Program Clock Reference(PCR) in MPEG?

I understand that it is derived from a 27MHz clock,periodically loaded into a 42bit register.

PCR(i)=PCR_Base(i) * 300 + PCR_Ext(i)

where, PCR_Base is loaded into a 33 bits register PCR_Ext is loaded into a 9 bit register.

So, maximum value of PCR w.r.t 27MHz clock is:

PCR = (2^33 - 1)*300 + (2^9 - 1) = 2,576,980,374,811.

=> (2,576,980,374,811/27,000,000) = 95443.7s = 1590.7 min = 26.5 hours

The register overflow happens after 26.5 hours of continuous streaming. Is this understanding correct?

PCR_ext(i) value should be 0 .. 299.

So the maximum PCR = (2^33-1)*300+299 = 2,576,980,377,599

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