In my Maven build I use maven-processor-plugin to generate JPA meta model like this


Now I would like to skip the meta model generation based on a property, like this

$ mvn -Dspeed.up.build.from.eclipse=true

Unfortunately the maven-processor-plugin doesn't support <skip>${speed.up.build.from.eclipse}</skip> configuration tag like some plugins do.

I could put my plugin in a profile and then activate it based on my property. But then I need somehow to negate the value of the property...

So I need:

  • Execute plugin, if no property was set
  • Skip execution of the plugin, if the property was set

Is there some nice way to archieve it? If yes, how?

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    Is extending the plugin to support the <skip> tag an option? you could get the source code for the mojo, change it, then deploy it to an internal repository or back to maven central or wherever it's hosted. – Ryan J Jan 7 '16 at 20:10

Judging from the documentation, there is indeed no skip property.

In such a case, a possible solution is to use the hack of setting the phase to none to disable the plugin execution. You would define 2 profiles

You would then use the custom property as your phase in your plugin configuration.

Note that it is a hack because this is an undocumented feature.

Another solution (that I would recommend actually) would be to make a pull request adding that feature. The code is hosted on GitHub so you can easily fork it, patch it and make a pull request. In the mean time, you can use your custom plugin, and when the request is merged, you could drop your custom plugin.

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