I'm on wiki page and selecting some text, then click on Share button of mobile. There will be lots of icon like "Gmail", "Facebook", "Whatsapp" and many more, my application icon should be there to share on my web app.


A google search brought me to this. It seems in android you can use a cordova plugin like this one https://github.com/stample/cordova-sharingreceptor.

To add this plugin to your meteor app add the following JavaScript to its package.js:

    'com.phonegap.plugins.sharingreceptor': 'https://github.com/stample/cordova-sharingreceptor'

From https://github.com/meteor/meteor/wiki/Meteor-Cordova-integration#meteor-packages-with-cordova-dependencies

For ios I found this Cordova: sharing browser URL to my iOS app (Clipper ios share extension)

Creating your own extension and then copying the extension contents to cordova/platforms/ios/ will work according to the above stack post

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