I'm using ImageResizer 4.0.4 on my MVC website, I also use watermark plugin. But I've got one issue, the output image has a small red dot at bottom right. Here is my source and screenshot:

WatermarkPlugin watermark = new WatermarkPlugin();
watermark.OtherImages.Path = "~/Content/images";
watermark.OtherImages.DrawAs = Layer.LayerPlacement.Background;
watermark.OtherImages.ImageQuery = new ResizeSettings("s.alpha=0.6;format=png");
//watermark.OtherImages.Width = new DistanceUnit(35, DistanceUnit.Units.Percentage);
watermark.OtherImages.RelativeTo = "imageArea";

string querystring = "bgcolor=transparent;format=jpg;watermark=test.png";

ResizeSettings setting = new ResizeSettings(querystring);

using (var stream = new MemoryStream())
    ImageBuilder.Current.Build(bytes, stream, setting);

    return stream.ToArray();

enter image description here


This is because you haven't entered a license key.

Read more here: https://imageresizing.net/licenses

and here: https://imageresizing.net/docs/v4/install/license_keys

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