I want to use marked in reactjs as described in the reactjs docs.


I use babel so I import marked like this:

import { marked } from 'marked';

Unfortunately the import statement does not work. marked is not defined. How do I have to import marked here, so that I can use it?


Here's one way to use marked with React:

  1. Ensure that you've installed marked
  2. Include marked in your project's package.json file:
"dependencies": {
  "react": "^0.13.3",
  "marked": "^0.3.5"
  1. Import marked in your .jsx (or related) file:
import marked from 'marked';
  1. Use the dangerouslySetInnerHTML approach described in the tutorial7.js example in the React Tutorial (as noted by Janaka), or as shown in the example below:
import React from 'react';
import marked from 'marked';

class MarkdownExample extends React.Component {
  getMarkdownText() {
    var rawMarkup = marked('This is _Markdown_.', {sanitize: true});
    return { __html: rawMarkup };
  render() {
    return <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={this.getMarkdownText()} />

As discussed in the React Tutorial, using the dangerouslySetInnerHTML attribute gives you the ability to work with raw (HTML) markup. Make sure to take care when using this attribute, though!

Note: the React.Component approach in the code example in Step 4 is based on Agnew's "Hello World" example and on notes from this React.Component vs React.createClass article by Goel and Silveira.

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    Please change the npm library from 'react-marked' to just 'marked' in point no. 1. Lost a lot of time due to that. Nov 4 '17 at 4:14

With the marked-wrapper react-marked-markdown:

import { MarkdownPreview } from 'react-marked-markdown'

export default ({ post }) => (
    <h1>{ post.title }</h1>
    <MarkdownPreview value={ post.content }/>

If you just want to import marked:

import marked from 'marked';

Then call the function in your component:

marked('# Markdown');

Here is another way of using marked with React Hooks:

  1. Create your MarkedConverter component
import { useState } from 'react'
import marked from 'marked'

export const MarkedConverter = () => {
  const [markedVal, setMarkedVal] = useState(
    '# Welcome to my React Markdown Previewer!'
  return <div dangerouslySetInnerHTML={createMarkUp(markedVal)}></div>
  1. Create Markup function and pass the value from MarkedConverter Component
export const createMarkUp = (val) => {
 return { __html: marked(val) }
  1. Finally you can import MarkedConverter Component to any of your Component

Here's an example on how to use marked with react:

  1. Install marked with NPM : npm i marked

  2. import it in your react app (this example is created with create-react-app), and using it example of a react component using "marked"

  3. result in the browser : preview

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