The problem consist some strategies!

  • The project this manager dependencies "maven" and "Sonatype Nexus"
  • There are same artifact, in this case call: core.
  • That core contains twos class special called SysSpringBoot and SysSpringConfig
  • This one special class SysSpringConfig, it's need rewrite for last project to use this artifact.
  • This artifact use for many projects, where each project that use should say which packages scan.

when start this project has one directory it's seems


 -- pages .xhtml (web pages)
 -- WEB_INF 
     -- web.xml
     -- classes
        -- SysSpringConfig.class
     -- lib
        -- my-artifact-core-
           (in my file .jar also contains SysSpringConfig.class (old version))

The classLoader tomcat 8(last version, in old version not has this problem), ready first

../classes/SysSpringConfig.class, then not found all dependencies for use, at now, find in files *.jar, but in *.jar also find SysSpringConfig.class that time ready another class with the first time!

Same suggest kind implement personality MyClassLoader to solve this problem with Spring classLoader.

sorry with my English

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