I need to write a Regex for a backup exclusion filter to exclude a folder and all of it's subfolders.

I need to match the following

folder1/statistics folder1/statistics/* folder2/statistics folder2/statistics/*

I came up with this Regex which matches the folder statistics, but not the subfolders of the statistics folder.


How do I expand this expression to match all subfolders below the statistics folder?


Use following regex:


Demo on regex101.


  ^           # matches start of line
 [^\/]+       # matches any character other than / one or more times
 \/statistics # matches /statistics
 \/?          # optionally matches /
 (?:          # non-capturing group
   [^\/]+     # matches any character other than / one or more times
   \/?        # optionally matches /
 )*           # zero or more times
 $            # matches end of line
g             # global flag - matches all
m             # multi-line flag - ^ and $ matches start and end of lines
  • It will also match folder1/statistics1234 and it should not. A possible fix is to add a word boundary: (^[^\/]+\/statistics\b(?:\/?[^\/]+)*\/?$) regex101.com/r/lL4uE0/20. – ccpizza Dec 9 '19 at 19:10

What about using | (or):



.*             # any length string
/statistics    # statistics directory
($|/.*)        # end of string or any string starting with /

It does the job and is not hard to comprehend. Tested with python re module.

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