Can anyone explain how and when to use ActorIdentity with a good example?

From documents I can find that "There is a built-in Identify message that all Actors will understand and automatically reply to with a ActorIdentity message containing the ActorRef".

Does that statement mean obtained actor say actorSelector have ActorIdentity message wrapped in my actor?

ActorSelection actorSelector =  getContext().actorSelection("/A/B/*");

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When you send an Identify message to an ActorSelection the actor will respond, if it exists, with an ActorIdentity message.

If the actor exists the ActorIdentity message will contain a Some(actorRef). It is more efficient to send messages to ActorRefs than ActorSelections.

For example (from the manual):

class Follower extends Actor {
  val identifyId = 1
  context.actorSelection("/user/another") ! Identify(identifyId)

  def receive = {
    case ActorIdentity(`identifyId`, Some(ref)) =>
    case ActorIdentity(`identifyId`, None) => context.stop(self)


  def active(another: ActorRef): Actor.Receive = {
    case Terminated(`another`) => context.stop(self)

The section in the manual that covers this is called Identifying Actors via Actor Selection.

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