I am writing this testing framework using selenium and Java so that manual testers are able to write test scripts and maintain them.I would want my testing framework to be in such a way so that manual testers basically write them as step by step procedures rather then understanding any of the underlying technology.

I want manual testers to write scripts as below:

    click("Port Setup");

Configure, Network, PortSetup are all buttons with value/id: configure, network, port-setup. How do I write a framework with a method "click" that can scan through the entire page and click on buttons with values/ids that has been passed on click method by testers?


IMHO, I'd suggest allowing the testers to utilize the element locators that Selenium provides (See here). Doing otherwise and writing "all-purpose" wrapper methods such as the below will limit the flexibility that is needed when performing UI testing.

Provide a class with the following method. The class can be coded to have the driver method instance available to it, or you may want to pass the driver object in as a parameter.

public void click(String locatorValue)
     WebElement foundElement = driver.findElement(By.id(locatorValue));

Furthermore, this is just a base method. If you wish to handle additional situations or check for a By.name in case the id doesn't work, then implement the additional logic. Again, this can become a very narrow-focused mess very quickly. Good luck!

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