I have split my sublime window vertically to be able to view two files at once. In the explorer window, placed in the left side, it shows two groups, Group 1 which hold "file1" and Group 2 which holds "file2".

Is there a shortcut to change between these two files something like Ctrl + Tab (which only works with files from the current group) ? It's very frustrating to use Ctrl + 0 to point to the side bar and choose with Up Down and Enter.

I'm using Sublime Text 2.

Thanks in advance.

FIX Actually I've created my own navigator shortcut. In Sublime Text, open Preferences -> Key Bindings - User and added:

  { "keys": ["alt+left"], "command": "prev_view"},
  { "keys": ["alt+right"], "command": "next_view"}

See this


Ctrl + Page-up && Ctrl + Page-down.

I use these to navigate.

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