I am trying to populate data into InfluxDB using Python. My RFC 3339 timestamp is "2016-01-11T01:07:39+05:30". When I try to pass this to InfluxDB, it returns a time of: "2016-01-10T19:37:39Z", while I actually want the time in InfluxDB to be "2016-01-11T01:07:39". I have even tried to pass only "2016-01-11T01:07:39" leaving "+5:30", but still it gives me no result. What mistake am I making?


InfluxDB converts all timestamps to UTC for storage. 2016-01-11T01:07:39+05:30 is 2016-01-10T19:37:39Z (the Z indicates UTC). I'm not sure why that seems incorrect to you.

To store 2016-01-11T01:07:39, you must submit the full RFC3339 UTC timestamp 2016-01-11T01:07:39Z, which includes the mandatory Z.

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