I want to implement react js to different pages of my website, e.g in home page, registration, login, etc.

all tutorial i have seen it only uses 1 app.js how can i achieve this to multi page app.

P.S i am using laravel elixir and i combine them into 1 main.js.


Add a mounting point in the pages that you want your React App to be mounted.


// main.js
ReactDOM.render(<App props={/* props from somewhere */}/>, document.getElementById('mountingPoint') );

// rendered HTML from pages should have
<div id="mountingPoint"></div>

I found this https://github.com/christianalfoni/react-webpack-cookbook/wiki/Multiple-entry-points

I think this is more appropriate on what i need and then i will just map the file name in my laravel app.

this way i dont need to load the js code for contact_us.php to login.php


You could also use something like React Habitat to make this architecture easier.

With it, you could just define a container of your components so they resolve in your DOM.

For example, in your javascript you would do

import MyComponent from './Components/MyComponent';



Then in any of your HTML pages

<div data-component="myComponent"></div>

It also supports multiple containers and async code splitting.

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