I'm using Angular 1.4.8 with Angular UI and TypeScript. My models are defined as such:

export interface IBatch extends ng.resource.IResource<IBatch> {
    id: Number;

export interface IBatchResource extends ng.resource.IResourceClass<IBatch> {
    snapshot(batch: IBatch);

I setup my Batch resource with a custom HTTP verb TAKE-SNAPSHOT, which returns either a 200 OK or a 404 NOT FOUND:

var paramDefaults = {
    id: '@id'

var actions = {
    'snapshot': { method: 'TAKE-SNAPSHOT' }

return <IBatchResource> this.$resource('/api/batches/:id', paramDefaults, actions);

This lets me take a snapshot of a particular Batch. The only parameter for this API call is the batch Id. However, $resource is encoding the entire Batch object into the query string (the actual string is over 1000 characters long, shortened for brevity):


How do I make $resource direct the request to localhost:15000/api/batches/4?


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I managed a workaround:

var paramDefaults = {
    id: '@id'

var actions = {
    'snapshot': <ActionDescriptor>{ method: 'TAKE-SNAPSHOT' }

var retval = <IBatchResource> this.$resource('/api/batches/:id', paramDefaults, actions);

 * Passing in the object results in serializing the entire Batch into the URL query string.
 * Instead, we only want to pass the ID.
var oldSnapshotFn = retval.snapshot;
retval.snapshot = (batch: IBatch) => oldSnapshotFn(<any>{id: batch.id });
return retval;

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