I run a Meteor app locally on an OS X system and I use a meteor-settings.json file:

$ cat meteor-settings.json
  "public": {
    "s3path": "https://d2v4p3rms9rvi3.cloudfront.net"

When I run meteor as following:

$ meteor --version
Meteor 1.2.1
$ meteor --settings meteor-settings.json

Meteor.settings.public.s3path has the expected s3 url and everything works great.

According to the official Meteor docs I can use the METEOR_SETTINGS environment variable. Problem is, when I populate and export it (as following):

$ export METEOR_SETTINGS=$(cat meteor-settings.json)
{ "public": { "s3path": "https://d2v4p3rms9rvi3.cloudfront.net" } }
$ meteor

Meteor.settings.public becomes empty, and all s3-url-based functionality is broken.

Without using the env variable I can't bundle and simulate a production deploy, because afaik production deploys cannot use command line flags (at least on AWS/EBS).

Why does Meteor not populate Meteor.settings.public? Any ideas how I can solve this?

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The salient line in the docs is this:

When running your server directly (e.g. from a bundle), you instead specify settings by putting the JSON directly into the METEOR_SETTINGS environment variable.

When they say "running your server directly (e.g. from a bundle)" they mean using meteor build, and then running the resulting bundle using node. The meteor command won't pick up METEOR_SETTINGS by design, as METEOR_SETTINGS is only for production.

For Amazon, try something like this:

METEOR_SETTINGS={"public": {"key": "ABC"}} node main.js

Set the environment variable inside the command to run your meteor app. Not sure if that will work on Amazon.

  • Thanks! That clarifies it! As proven often, carefully rtfm seems to prove itself :) As for Amazon - individual aws environment configs offer a key/value input page for the environment variables, so that should work. If not, I'll post an update
    – tivoni
    Jan 11, 2016 at 19:36

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