I have a website with a little bell, and when a new notification comes, the @notifications.lenght is passed via javascript for showing the number of notifications. What i just want is to show the number of notification if there is one or more notifications and if there is no notification showing just the bell like this :


Actually if the user has no notification the page displays this :


If i click the bell :


Witch is good, but when i refresh the page :


Here is my coffee :

class Notifications
  constructor: ->
    @notifications = $("[data-behavior='notifications']")
    @setup() if @notifications.length > 0

  setup: ->
    $("[data-behavior='notifications-link']").on "click", @handleClick
      url: "/notifications.json"
      dataType: "JSON"
      method: "GET"
      success: @handleSuccess

  handleClick: (e) =>
      url: "/notifications/mark_as_read"
      dataType: "JSON"
      method: "POST"
      success: ->

  handleSuccess: (data) =>

    items = $.map data, (notification) ->
      "<a class='dropdown-item' href='#{notification.url}'>#{notification.actor} #{notification.action} </a>"


jQuery ->
  new Notifications

How could i pass an empty string if the @notifications.lenght == 0 ?


In your handle success method, replace the code that set the total items to:

$("[data-behavior='unread-count']").text(parseInt(items.length) || "");

If items.length is 0, it will set an empty string.

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