I'm trying to install magento on my Windows 10 system with MAMP PRO, and I have been getting the same error over and over for a while now. The magento installer says that my php xsl extension is missing. To install the extension, the manual says that I have to add the argument --with-xsl[=DIR] to my configure line but I have no idea how to do this.

I have added extension=php_xsl.dll to my php.ini file but it still isn't added. The php_xsl.dll is present in my /ext folder.

What could the issue be?

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Uncomment the following line from php.ini file(remove ';' from the line)..



in xamp/php/php.ini search and modify php.ini file, search ;extension=php_xsl.dll line, remove ; at the line start and save php.ini file. Then open xampp manager, stop Apache services and restart again.


This is because the XSL extension is not enabled.
To enable the XSL extension go to the location where the MAMP (or XAMPP) is installed. Then go to php/php.ini.
Un-comment the line extension=php_xsl.dll and restart the server.

  1. Go to php.ini file
  2. Change ;extension=xsl to extension=xsl
  3. Restart your Apache xampp
  1. First, stop apache.
  2. Edit C:\xampp\php\php.ini
  3. Only remove ; at the begiinning of the line extension=php_xsl.dll
  4. Then start apache again

It will work proper.


You can solve this error simply by following these easy steps.

  1. Stop the Apache server first
  2. Then go to C:\xampp\php
  3. Open php.ini file
  4. Then uncomment all require extensions
  5. Save it and exit
  6. Then start xampp again and try to install

After what seemed like a million frustrating attempts, I finally came across this page and the note above. For some reason, the php.ini file in my MampPro php 7.0.9 was missing the intl and xsl dll (even though I kept uncommenting the ";"

Anyway - I saw the note above and was able to make the amends -- and voila, the issue was resolved.

I wish somehow this info was made available in php documentation and in MampPro site too. Hopefully, this won't be an issue in future patches or updates.


Go to your php root folder,

Copy all icu* * * *.dll files: from C:\xampp\php

to C:\xampp\apache\bin


Are your other ext you've loaded in php.ini working nomarlly ?.(Try php_info()) And did you think u've download correctly .dll file.

  • Yes the other ext i've loaded are working normally, and the file is from a php 5 installation so that may be the issue, but I can't find a php7 php_xsl.dll.
    – Dennis
    Jan 11 '16 at 20:29
  • So i think u should use php 5.6 than u will dont get this problem.Cuz im never tried php7 then i dont know what i need to say. :)
    – Zuko
    Jan 13 '16 at 15:55

I was installing Magento 2.1 on MAMP PRO WINDOWS (something that is not supported and not done) as a total newbie.

The same problem popped up intl en xsl extensions missing while ; was removed.

After trying everything I just looked at the php.ini location phpinfo() C:\Users\Public\Documents\Appsolute\MAMPPRO\conf\php7.0.6.ini

Copied the php7.0.6.ini I changed on several locations an many times just into this windows directory and all my troubles were gone.


Magento is often installed on Linux. The title of this question above doesn't specify the server but the question does so I stumbled on this answer though I was looking for the Linux solution. So if anyone is looking for how to enable the xsl extension on Ubuntu, the answer is here: Enable XSL on Ubuntu 12.04


Search for php.ini in php fold and remove ; from ;extension=php_xsl.dll and you are good to go


The most upvoted answers are not telling you where to go to edit these files. The correct path is: C:\MAMPPRO\conf\php(version number here) Then you can remove the ; from the line extension=php_xsl.dll and restart the server.


In Installer.php line 545 error in magento 2.4.1

uncomment the following in your php.ini file by removing ";" for


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