When I'm trying to fire query without chaining, my browser gets hanged - no response/error at all, but query with chaining works fine. I have read at many places that Laravel allows query even without using chaining. But don't know why its not working for me.

And by the way its just a demo project, so there is only 1 table in database named "users" having 50 records in that, so its not like that that browser gets hanged due to high amount of data returned as a query result.

Not working:

$users = User::where('first_name', 'LIKE', '%Leonie%');

$users -> get();          


$users = User::where('first_name', 'LIKE', '%Leonie%') -> get();

I'm using latest Laravel version 5.2. All things are configured properly like database, application configuration etc..

Any help would be appreciated.



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When you don't call get() or first() (amongst a few others) for example which get a result set, you end up just with a Builder object. This is the object which is used to construct queries. In your first example, you assign a Builder object to $users, but in your second, you assign a Collection object.

// This assigns the result to $users
$users = User::where('first_name', 'LIKE', '%Leonie%') -> get();

// Doesn't assign the result to $users 
$users = User::where('first_name', 'LIKE', '%Leonie%');

$users -> get(); 

You would need to do

$users = User::where('first_name', 'LIKE', '%Leonie%');

$users = $users->get(); // Note the $users =

It may be better to name the variable that which is used to store the query builder object something more obvious; such as $query perhaps.

$query = Users::where();
$users = $query->get();

I am using it like this and it works fine. Try it like this and see if it helps.

$query = DB::table('your_table_name');
$query->where('name', 'LIKE', 'something');
$some_variable = $query->where('published', 1)->get();

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