Lets say I have an existing project in Xcode, and for whatever reason, did not add Unit Tests or UI Tests. Can I add the test projects to the project later in Xcode 7?



You can add new test targets for UI and unit tests by navigating File > New > Target > Test. When that's done, add new test cases by navigating File > New > File > Source.

Test Target

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    If you are using C files with your Swift Unit Tests you may also need to point your new Target to the Bridging Header file & ensure any Header files locations are known. You access both settings via the /Build Settings against the Target. – rustyMagnet Mar 5 '19 at 16:06

Tests are targets.

Select the project in the navigation view then Menu File > New > Target… and Test of the proper SDK.

Choose UI Testing Bundle or Unit Test Bundle.

Repeat the procedure to add the other test bundle.


One more variant Xcode 10.2.1 using Test Navigator

  1. ⌘ Command + 6 or View -> Navigators -> Show Test Navigator
  2. Right click or + at the bottom
  3. New Unit Test Target... or New UI Test Target...

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Follow this steps,it works's fine

1.Select the project.

2.Targets->Click the + button->Add iOS UITesting Bundle or iOS UnitTesting Bundle.

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