I wrote some codes to build web app using Google SignIn.
First, initiallize API platform,

gAuth = gapi.auth2.init( {
    client_id: gAuthClientId,
    fetch_basic_profile: false,
    scope: gAuthScope
} );

and make user to sign in.

    prompt: 'none'

In this code, I want to skip auth popup for (already) signed in user, and I follow the reference in developer document:

prompt: Specifies whether to prompt the user for re-authentication. See OpenID Connect Request Parameters. Optional.

and parameter document which is shown in document above.

OPTIONAL. Space-delimited, case-sensitive list of ASCII string values that specifies whether the Authorization Server prompts the End-User for reauthentication and consent. The defined values are:
The Authorization Server MUST NOT display any authentication or consent user interface pages. An error is returned if an End-User is not already authenticated or the Client does not have pre-configured consent for the requested Claims or does not fulfill other conditions for processing the request. The error code will typically be login_required, interaction_required. This can be used as a method to check for existing authentication and/or consent.

but it doesn't works well. Actually, for signed in user, the API shows empty popup once, and closes it immediately. When I do this phase automatically, it was blocked browser.

Why does it happen? What shoud I do to avoid popup for signed in users?

  • I have exactly the same issue, did you find a solution ?
    – Christelle
    Commented Nov 11, 2016 at 15:31


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