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I need to get my (Y, X) position of my terminal's cursor with the termcaps in C.

With ioctl() i get the size of my terminal screen, but i still need to get where my cursor is.

I found this :

CSI 6 n DSR – Device Status Report Reports the cursor position to the application as (as though typed at the keyboard) ESC[n;mR, where n is the row and m is the column. (May not work on MS-DOS.)

But i have no idea how to use it in C ...

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You write the command sequence (<ESC>[6n) to the terminal using normal output to stdout. Then you read the response using normal input from stdin.

You need to parse the "reply" to pick out the position.


here is a gotoxy() function, that can print on specified x and y position in gcc linux

//gotoxy function
void gotoxy(int x,int y)
main ()
gotoxy(25,50); //reposition cursor
printf("hello world"); //display text

here is a reference for console input and output , if you are using terminal for windows (dos prompt)

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