I have an SQLite3 database in SUSE Linux.

It's stuck at the command prompt like so:

sqlite> q
   ...> exit
   ...> .exit
   ...> quit
   ...> .quit

How do I exit out of the database?

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Type ; + enter to terminate the current statement (will give an error message because what you typed so far is not a valid statement but never mind). Then .quit + enter.

Note that in sqlite3 SQL statements must be terminated with a delimiter, which is ; by default. The non-SQL commands, which start with a ., do not need to be terminated this way but are considered complete as soon as enter is pressed.

If a command does not start with a . and enter is pressed without the SQL termination character, the CLI client displays the "continuation prompt" (...> in your case) and expects the SQL command to be continued on the following line(s) until it is properly terminated.

See also https://www.sqlite.org/cli.html.

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ctrl-d will get you out of the sqlite3 database command prompt.

That is: hold the control button then press the lowercase d key on your keyboard at the same time and you will escape the sqlite3 command prompt.

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For Windows command prompt, Pressing Ctrl + Z and then Pressing Enter - worked for me. It directly brought me out of sqlite> prompt.

If you want to stay sqlite> prompt, but just come out of inner prompt >, then as JimmyB has said, type ; and press enter. It just completes your statement, prompt > shows it is expecting more in the statement so far typed, as sqlite statements always end with a semicolon.

Hope it helps! All the Best!

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  • I know this is a year after, but using CTRL + Z should not be the correct usage as it just moves the current job (being $ sqlite) to the background instead of closing it like CTRL + D does. Try running $ fg after pressing CTRL + Z and you should be back at your sqlite prompt. – Yuval Meshorer Oct 10 '19 at 12:45
  • It also works on CentOS – Jcc.Sanabria yesterday

You can terminate the sqlite3 program by typing your systems End-Of-File character (usually a Control-D). Use the interrupt character (usually a Control-C) to stop a long-running SQL statement.

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