After Animation Starts in AnimationClock how we will control AutoReverse True/False in Int32Animation.

code Snippet. Int32Animation FrameAnimation; public void Load(){
FrameAnimation = new Int32Animation();
FrameAnimation.From = 1;
FrameAnimation.To = 100;

AnimationClock FrameAnimationClock = FrameAnimation.CreateClock();
ApplyAnimationClock(CurrentIndexProperty, FrameAnimationClock);


public void AutoReverseButton_Click(object sender,EventArgs e){
FrameAnimation.AutoReverse = true;

If i click AutoReverseButton it is not setting the AutoReverse.But no errors. Let me know how we will achieve this.



This is because Animations are freezable objects. There is more information in the MSDN Documentation.

Once an animation is started, its properties cannot be changed, even in code-behind. You will need to stop the animation in your event handler, set the AutoReverse property, and restart it.


Store the current Values in local Variables then Set the AutoReverse true/false then Create the Clock then Assign back the stored values in the AnimationClock.

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