I am starting a new web project with python and I wanted to use web2py framework. But I had some problems in git setup.

I have downloaded web2py source from its website, created my own git repository. Unzip everything in my repository folder. When I tried to

git add .

I get

fatal: Not a git repository: gluon/packages/dal/../../../.git/modules/gluon/packages/dal

So after some search on internet I found out this folder is a submodule in web2py repository. And there is a solution if I clone everything recursively from their repository. But I do not want to clear all my repository and start from scratch.

Is there a way to register gluon/packages/dal directory as a submodule of my project?

p.s. I've already tried the solution on How to add already cloned projects as submodules? and it did not work for me.


I faced the same problem last night. You don't need clear your repository only for this. Simply download source zip of pydal from here, rename the folder name from pydal to dal, and replace /gluon/packages/dal folder by it. It works fine.


you need to delete the .git file from dal folder. later on

git init


git add libs/

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