I am trying to convert a MP4 video file into a series of jpg images (out-1.jpg, out-2.jpg etc.) using FFMPEG with,

mkdir frames
ffmpeg -i "%1" -r 1 frames/out-%03d.jpg

However I keep getting errors like,

[image2 @ 00000037f5a811a0] Could not open file : frames/out-C:\Applications\FFMPEG\toGIF.bat3d.jpg av_interleaved_write_frame(): Input/output error frame= 1 fps=0.0 q=5.9 Lsize=N/A time=00:00:01.00 bitrate=N/A video:63kB audio:0kB subtitle:0kB other streams:0kB global headers:0kB muxing overhead: unknown Conversion failed!

If I take out the %03d part, the conversion works but it only outputs the first frame and the program stops with error.

How can I correctly extract all the frames of the video with FFMPEG?



ffmpeg -i "%1" frames/out-%03d.jpg

A sequence of image files don't have a framerate. If you want to undersample the video file, use -r before the input.


ffmpeg -i "C:\Applications\FFMPEG\aa.mp4" "frames/out-%03d.jpg"
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    I get similar errors now with that command pastebin.com/qxQNwQNu – user780756 Jan 14 '16 at 10:29
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    Okay found the issue finally, it seems that Windows needs %%, as in out-%%03d.jpg – user780756 Jan 14 '16 at 10:56
  • Are you running the command from within a script? – Gyan Jan 14 '16 at 10:56
  • Yes, it's a Windows .bat file – user780756 Jan 14 '16 at 10:57
  • 3
    Yes, in a script, you need to escape special characters. – Gyan Jan 14 '16 at 11:00

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