I am forced to use Version 2 of AWS S3, because i cannot update PHP to 5.5 on this server in order to use Version 3.

I made this PHP script to download files from AWS, which works good:

// Get a command object from the client and pass in any options
// available in the GetObject command (e.g. ResponseContentDisposition)
$command = $s3Client->getCommand('GetObject', array(
    'Bucket' => $bucket,
    'Key' => $objectKey,
    'ResponseContentDisposition' => 'attachment; filename="' . $originFilename . '"'

// Create a signed URL from the command object that will last for
// 10 minutes from the current time
$signedUrl = $command->createPresignedUrl('+1000 minutes');

$file = file_get_contents($signedUrl);

The problem is that i want to be sure that the file_get_contents() downloads the entire file and to detect and fix any error (like server going offline during a download, etc...), so i thought the following flow:

  1. I ask AWS the file size
  2. I download the file
  3. I check the size. If it's not equal i re-download the file

So, how to get file size from AWS? I found this, but it doesn't work for my version.


You can use the HEAD Object REST API to determine the size of the object stored on S3.

HEAD Object will return the meta-data associated with the stored S3 Object, including the size on disk of the object, within the Content-Length header.


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