My package.json file includes a version for my module, which ultimately get's compiled into an app.bundle.js file that I include in my web project. I would REALLY like to have the version number from the package.json file written to the app.bundle.js file as a comment right at the beginning of the file.

Is there a WebPack plugin to do this or a setting with WebPack itself?


Webpack comes with a BannerPlugin that adds a banner to the top of each generated chunk.

You can require your package.json and use it as any regular JavaScript object to get the version field.

var PACKAGE = require('./package.json');
var version = PACKAGE.version;

Then use it to generate the desired banner string that will be used in the BannerPlugin.


var PACKAGE = require('./package.json');
var banner = PACKAGE.name + ' - ' + PACKAGE.version;

module.exports = {
  // Other stuff
  plugins: [
    new webpack.BannerPlugin(banner)

I have used it to add the version from the package.json file and other info to the top of a library of my own. Check the webpack.config.js of this project for a working example.

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    Note: If you are using UglifyJsPlugin, make sure to add the BannerPlugin after the UglifyJsPlugin. – Benny Neugebauer Sep 19 '16 at 13:10

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