I'm running a CouchDB instance on a c4.xl EC2 instance with approximately 650 databases. The total size of all databases and views combined is under 10GB. Under normal, primarily read-only traffic things are fine with average CPU load under 20%. However, during data imports the server becomes unresponsive, even when neither the CPU nor the disk IOps are creating a bottleneck.

I've already adjusted the couch ini settings to raise the appropriate limits (open databases, open connections, etc.) as well as raising the OS limits on file descriptors.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experience running Couch with a high number of databases and knows of any settings that might still be causing these bottlenecks.


Do you have javascript functions in your design document? An update validate function can cause issues if it takes too long to complete on every new document. Also, filtered replication can cause issues since it will run the javascript function on every new document. Without knowing what your design document contains it is difficult to know.

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