I am relatively new to python and I am trying to read information from an excel sheet to generate a graph. So far I am using the most current version of the xlrd library (0.9.4) in a nested for loop to grab the value from each cell. However, I am unsure how to access the formatting information for each cell

For example, if a cell were formatted to display as currency in the excel file, using the standard sheet.cell(row, column).value from xlrd would only return 5.0 instead of $5.00

I found here that you can set the formatting_info parameter to true when opening the workbook in order to see some of the format information, however I am primarily using excel 2013 and my excel sheets are being saved by default as .xlsx files. According to this issue on GitHub, support for formatting_info has not yet been implemented for .xlsx files.

Is there any way around using the formatting_info flag, or any other way that I can detect when a format, currency specifically, has been used in order to reflect that in my graphs? I am aware that it is possible to convert .xlsx files to .xls files such as shown here, but I am concerned about information/formatting loss.

  • Your formattting information still remains the same even if you convert a .xlsx file to .xls. .xlsx is essentially is a more optimized way to store the data. You can see the difference in sizes when you convert a .xlsx file to .xls format. .xls size will be bigger than .xlsx. – manty Feb 8 '16 at 8:41

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