I'm working with angular-meteor and i need a internazionalization package.

I found the Tap:i18n package and i think is the most complete pkg for now.

The problem is that the helper that tap:i18n use is incompatible with angular.

{{ _ "hello" }}

return an error from angular:

Error: [$parse:syntax] Syntax Error: Token '"hello"' is an unexpected token at column 3 of the expression [_ "hello"] starting at ["hello"].

I think that the solution is to change the helper "_" with an angular filter e.g.:

{{ "hello" | tapI18n }}

but i don't know how do this.

I wrote into 2 existing issues on github but the persons that opened theese haven't get answer.



any ideas?

Thanks to all

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tap:i18n is for "blaze-meteor" project, so I think maybe you need change your direction.

If you have an angular-meteor project, you can use angular-translate, on atmosphere, there is an package called planettraining:angular-translate, you can have a try.

If you have an angular2-meteor project, you can use ng2-translate. But for this one, right now there is no package on atmosphere, so you need repackage it by yourself. Or wait until meteor 1.3 comes out, then you can use this NPM package directly.

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