When I type df -h it shows a folder of size 200GB, but when I try to find the size of any of the sub-directories by du -sch /path the folder size is 10kB. I know that certain sub-folder should be of size 100GB. How do I find the size of the current folder/directory in Linux?

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When you run du -sch /abc it doesn't show the size of hidden files (the files/directories that have the prefix dot(.) in their names) in the abc .

To check the size of all the files you can run, assuming you are in the directory abc

for i in `ls -a`; do du -sh $i ; done | sort -h 

This will also sort the list.


Use: du -sh * , this will give you the size of all the directories, files etc in the pwd in a readable format (you can get rid of the * if you wish obviously to get the size of just the pwd).
Read man du , also this has some very nice examples.

  • I always use du -hd1 for the size of all folders. -d2 give also the first level subfolders etc. -h makes it human readable (as you already know). – Mathias Jan 15 '16 at 10:47

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