I want to be able query the couchdb between dates, I know that this can be done with startkey and endkey (it works fine), but is it possible to do query for example like this:

DateTime >= '2011-04-12T00:00:00.000' AND 
DateTime <= '2012-05-25T03:53:04.000'
  Status = 'Completed'
Job_category = 'Installation'

Generally-speaking, establishing indexes on multiple fields grows in complexity as the number of fields increases.

My main question is: do Status and Job_category need to be queried dynamically too? If not, your view is simple:

function (doc) {
  if (doc.Status === 'Completed' && doc.Job_category === 'Installation') {
    emit(doc.DateTime); // this line may change depending on how you break up and emit the datetimes

Views are fairly cheap, (depending on the size of your database) so don't be afraid to establish several that cover different cases. I would expect something like Status to have predefined list of available options, as oppposed to Job_category which seems like it could be more related to user input.

If you need those fields to be dynamic, you can just add them to the index as well:

function (doc) {
  emit([ doc.Status, doc.Job_category, doc.DateTime ]);

Then you can use an array as your start_key. For example:

start_key=["Completed", "Installation", ...]

tl;dr: use "static" views where you have a predetermined list of values for a given field. while possible to query "dynamic" views with multiple fields, the complexity grows very quickly.

  • That's exactly what I was looking for, thx a lot for you answer. – macrog Jan 17 '16 at 12:37

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