I need to load a yaml file into Hash,
What should I do?

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I would use something like:

hash = YAML.load(File.read("file_path"))
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    Also in Ruby 2.2 symbols are GC'd.
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    May 26, 2015 at 13:05

A simpler version of venables' answer:

hash = YAML.load_file("file_path")

Use the YAML module:

node = YAML::parse( <<EOY )
one: 1
two: 2

puts node.type_id
# prints: 'map'

p node.value['one']
# prints key and value nodes: 
#   [ #<YAML::YamlNode:0x8220278 @type_id="str", @value="one", @kind="scalar">, 
#     #<YAML::YamlNode:0x821fcd8 @type_id="int", @value="1", @kind="scalar"> ]'

# Mappings can also be accessed for just the value by accessing as a Hash directly
p node['one']
# prints: #<YAML::YamlNode:0x821fcd8 @type_id="int", @value="1", @kind="scalar"> 


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    This tends to return Syck::Map (or similar objects), not hashes. Any way to have it return (or convert to) a regular ruby Hash?
    – elsurudo
    Apr 21, 2013 at 19:37

You may run into a problem mentioned at this related question, namely, that the YAML file or stream specifies an object into which the YAML loader will attempt to convert the data into. The problem is that you will need a related Gem that knows about the object in question.

My solution was quite trivial and is provided as an answer to that question. Do this:

yamltext = File.read("somefile","r")
yamltext.sub!(/^--- \!.*$/,'---')
hash = YAML.load(yamltext)

In essence, you strip the object-classifier text from the yaml-text. Then you parse/load it.

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