I am trying to redirect one subdirectory to another using RewriteRule in the main directory's .htaccess file.

For example: http://website.com/subdir should rewrite to http://website.com/another_dir/destination_dir but the user should still see http://website.com/subdir in the address bar.

This works perfectly if the user ends the URL with a trailing slash. Example: http://website.com/subdir/ (Generates a 200

However, if the slash is omitted, a 301 redirect is generated and we see the undesired destination directory. For example, http://website/subdir redirects the user to http://website/another_dir/destination_dir

Here are the pertinent parts of .htaccess:

# URL Rewriting:
RewriteEngine On
RewriteBase /


# Redirect subdirectories:
RewriteRule ^subdir(.*)$ another_dir/destination_dir$1 [PT,NC,QSA,L]

Any assistance is appreciated!


You can adjust the regex in your rewrite rule to optionally match a slash.

RewriteRule ^subdir(/?.*)$ another_dir/destination_dir$1 [PT,NC,QSA,L]

Note the /? just after subdir. This says that there may or may not be a slash just after your subdir, so the regex will match either way.


A quick fix would be

DirectorySlash OFF in this htaccess, and DirectorySlash ON a .htaccess in another_dir/

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