I'm developing a lightweight framework to work as a coordinator in a Robotics competition I compete.

My idea, is to have agnostic programs about the whole, just with inputs that might triggers outputs. I then, connect those outputs to inputs, and can have different behaviours with the same modules, without hard work.

I'm planning on doing this with Node.js and WebKit, to allow a nice UI for modifying the process. However, each "module" might not really be a code wrapped in some javascript class-like function, it might be a real Thread, running maybe some C++ native code (without Node.js), or even a Python program.

What I'm facing now, is a fast way, and also generic, to exchange data among processes. I have read about it, but haven't got to any conclusions...

Here are the 3 methods I found out:

  1. Local Socket: Uses the localhost to dispatch a broadcast to a port
  2. Unix Socket: Maybe more efficient than the above (but using filesystem?)
  3. Stdin/Out communication: When a process is launched by Node.js, binding the stdin and stdout can be used to communicate between the program.

So, I have those 3 ways of doing it, what should I use mostly? I need things to communicate REALLY fast (data might go through 5 different processes, and I need that not to exceed 2ms)

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