I need to label my y axis so that it displays first the word "Power" followed by an expression in square brackets: [micro Volt squared].

Power in micro Volt squared

I can produce single parts of the overall label that I want, but I run into problems when I want to combine them:

x <- 1:10; y <- 10:1; z <- data.frame(x,y)
g <- ggplot(z, aes(x,y) + geom_bar(stat='identity')

g + ylab('Power') # No problem
g + ylab(paste('Power [', ']')) #No problem
g + ylab(expression(mu)) # No problem
g + ylab(expression(V^2)) # No problem

However, this seems not to be possible:

g + ylab(paste('Power [', expression(mu), expression(V^2), ']'))

The output does not evalute the expressions (mu and V^2):

ggplot2 Output:Problem y label

Where am I going wrong? Is the paste() command the wrong approach in general? I have also had a look at unicode characters (Unicode Characters in ggplot2 PDF Output) ... but that would still leave me with the question how I adequately combine all the single terms.

Your help is much appreciated!


You need to put everything inside the expression. You can use an asterisk for separation, the tilde is for space. So this should be right.

g + ylab(expression("Power"~"["*mu*V^2*"]"))
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A single expression seems to do the trick:

g + ylab(expression(paste("Power [",mu, V^2,"]")))
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