I have been struggling with module installations since i started with Python. i think the problem is that pip doesn't recognise python 3.5.1 as the latest version. I went to check my project interpreter (in pycharm 5) and it shows that I have python 3.5, 2.7 3.4 and 2.6 installed on my macbook pro. I also discovered that all the modules i've been struggling to install into python 3.5.1 are all installed in python 2.7. when I type

pip install pip

it shows me where the current version of pip is located, which is in


can someone please help me switch pip to python 3.5?

  • I am working on a new Macbook Pro under the operating system OSX EL CAPITAN 10.11.2 (just thought you should know) – Coding Tunes Jan 17 '16 at 11:18
  • Do you have pip3 installed i.e. could pip3 install pip do something? – J.J. Hakala Jan 17 '16 at 11:18
  • now it says it's already installed into python 3.4, any idea how to... "update" pip3? – Coding Tunes Jan 17 '16 at 11:22
  • Go to the directory of the specific python installation, and run the pip executable found in there – Tamas Hegedus Jan 17 '16 at 11:24
  • Learn to use virtual environments - you will avoid many of these problems – holdenweb Jan 17 '16 at 11:25

Your default pip location (pip) is probably used for Python 2.7. For Python 3.5 you should have pip3.5 available to install stuff.

pip3.5 install <pkg>

That should probably work, if it doesn't fall back to pip3 which is bundled with python when installing if I recall correctly.

  • good idea, but it still won't work. all it does is "Collecting pygame Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement pygame (from versions: ) No matching distribution found for pygame You are using pip version 7.1.2, however version 8.0.2 is available. You should consider upgrading via the 'pip install --upgrade pip' command." – Coding Tunes Jan 23 '16 at 6:17

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