I used a popular method to make my app autostart on boot described here: How to start an Application on startup?

The issue is that app doesn't start with the following message in logcat:

W/BroadcastQueue: Reject to launch app .../10186 for broadcast: App Op 60

What am i doing wrong?

PS. Android 5.0.2, phone Asus zenphone

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    found an answer - asus have embedded app called Autorun Manager. When i've launched it and checked its settings - revealed that my app is in the list and has state "OFF" (disabled). After i've enabled my app the autostart feature worked fine Jan 17 '16 at 21:27

this problem is caused by "Auto-start Manager", I have same problem.

To solve, "Auto-start Manager" > Tab "Lastest Items" or "Downloaded" > Find your App > Change to Allow.

Sorry my poor english.


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    What if Auto-Start Manager is not installed? Jun 19 '18 at 12:57

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