I am trying to analyze packets from an existing capture using python scapy module. Basically, I input a pcap file and it should list me the TimeStamp, SRCIP, DSTIP, Protocol (tcp/udp), SRCPort,DSTPort, and list of TCP Options if possible.

I tried a basic scapy script to load a pcap and try to print using pkt.conversations() but I get the following error.

>>>pkts = rdpcap('testn.pcap')
>>> pkts.conversations()
>>> /bin/sh: dot: command not found
/bin/sh: display: command not found

Any suggestions?

  • Learnt from documentation that conversations() does graphical display. Which is probably not what I want. I want to print the conversations on commandline like tshark does, but with scapy. – sidman Jan 18 '16 at 1:01

You need to install the programs dot (Graphviz) and display (ImageMagick).

Under Debian / Ubuntu / etc., running apt-get install graphviz imagemagick as root should be enough.

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