Using Grails 3.0.9

I tried setting up a custom tag, but I can't get it to work. I created the following groovy file in grails-app/taglib: BeanFormGenerator.groovy

class BeanFormGenerator {    
    def renderList = { attrs, body ->
        // reads the 'values' attribute from the attributes list
        def list = attrs.values
        // iterates and renders list values
        list.each {
            // uses the implicit 'out' variable to append content to the response
            out << "<span class=\"element\"> ${it} </span>"

And I have this call in a gsp file:

<g:renderList values="[1, 2, 3]">check check</g:renderList>

I get the error:

Tag [renderList] does not exist. No tag library found for namespace: g

I tried creating a custom namespace inside of BeanFormGenerator:

static namespace = "beanform"

But this just caused to be treated as markup. What am I doing wrong? The documentation makes it seem like this should be all there is to it. I'm running this inside of IntelliJ community edition if that makes a difference.


Quite simply, to create a tag library create a Groovy class that ends with the convention TagLib and place it within the grails-app/taglib directory


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