ReactiveCocoa use RACSignal and PromiseKit use Promise to wrap values. They can both chain asynchronous works together. What's the main design difference between ReactiveCocoa and PromiseKit?

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    Promises: zero or one values. Signals: zero or more values. – Ian Henry Jan 20 '16 at 18:46

signals and promises are both ways to represent asynchronous operations as typed values that can be passed around, chained, composed, nested, etc in ways that a callback/notification/delegate cannot.

the difference between the two is like the difference between a square and a rectangle, where all promises are signals but not all signals are promises. a promise is one specific use case of a signal.

a signal represents a timeline of any number of asynchronous events, terminated by a completion or a failure. The following diagrams are all possible signals- any number of events ending in a failure or completion





a promise represents a single asynchronous event or a single asynchronous failure. the following diagrams represent possible promises:





as you can probably already see, any promise can be represented by a signal that sends Completion immediately after it sends its first Event, like so:





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