I need to get the first char of this string:

String s = "X-4711";

And put it after the number with an ';' , like: 4711;X.

I already tried it with:

String x = s.Split("-")[1] + ";" + s.Split("-")[0];

then I get it, but can I do it better or is this the only possible way?

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    First of all, it is Split not split. C# is case sensitive. Second, your solution is quite simple, understandable and efficient I think based on your input. What do you mean by better exactly? Of course you can find another ways but your solution is good in my opinion. If you think this is not good enough, explain why at least. – Soner Gönül Jan 18 '16 at 8:25
  • String result = s.Substring(2) + ";" + s.Substring(0, 1); – Dmitry Bychenko Jan 18 '16 at 8:28
  • I don't like this double Split i want it a bit cleaner. – Jannis Höschele Jan 18 '16 at 8:29
var items = s.Split ("-");
string x = String.Format ("{0};{1}", items[1], items[0]);

At most this makes it a little more readable and a micro-optimisation of only having to split once.


As some of the comments have pointed out, if you are using C#6 you can make use of String Interpolation to format the string. It does the exact same thing, only looks a little better.

var items = s.Split ("-");
string x = $"{items[1]};{items[0])}";
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    Upvoted this one, I would only add a minor change to the use of string.format: String.Format($"{items[1]};{items[0]}"); – Pedro G. Dias Jan 18 '16 at 8:30
  • @PedroG.Dias assuming OP is using c#6 ofc. – David Pilkington Jan 18 '16 at 8:33
  • Aren't we all? :) – Pedro G. Dias Jan 18 '16 at 8:36
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    This one looks way much better, thank you. I did not like mine, because of the "+" and "+" – Jannis Höschele Jan 18 '16 at 8:37
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    @PedroG.Dias Isn't $"{items[1]};{items[0]}" sufficient? The extra string.Format is unnecessary when using string interpolation. – Kroltan Jan 18 '16 at 13:18

Not sure what performance you are looking for small string operations, your code is well written and satisfy your needs.

One minor thing you might consider is removing additional split performed on input string.

var subs = s.Split ("-");
String.Format ("{0};{1}", subs [1], subs [0]);

If you are looking single liner (crazy programmer), this might help.

string.Join(";", s.Split('-').Reverse())

String.Substring: Retrieves a substring from this instance. The substring starts at a specified character position and has a specified length.

string sub = input.Substring(0, 1);
string restStr = input.Substring(2, input.length-2);
// string restStr = input.Substring(2); Can also use this instead of above line
string madeStr = restStr + ";" + sub;

You call the Substring method to extract a substring from a string that begins at a specified character position and ends before the end of the string. The starting character position is a zero-based; in other words, the first character in the string is at index 0, not index 1. To extract a substring that begins at a specified character position and continues to the end of the string, call the Substring method.

  • input.Substring(2) does the same - without length - 2. – i486 Jan 18 '16 at 9:37
  • yes see the commented line in the code. Thats what I have written – Mohit Shrivastava Jan 18 '16 at 9:37

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