Is there a way to implement a policy/rule to lock accounts that have failed login within a given time window? For instance, a user fails login 3 times in a 15 minute window, therefore their account is locked for either 60 minutes or until an admin grants them access.

Currently, there isn't an option for this in the AWS Identity & Access Management console, is there?

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New IAM Features: Enhanced Password Management and Credential Reports

Lockout on login attempt failure is currently not supported. We have heard this request before and are evaluating it for inclusion on our roadmap.

Kai Zhao - Product Manager, AWS IAM

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    Thank you, would be very helpful in compliance with various standards/programs – pinkdevelops Jan 19 '16 at 16:35
  • Do you have an update on this? Thx! – LaurentG Dec 14 '17 at 17:41
  • Yes I second this - PCI Compliance requires lockout after 6 failed attempts and their a 30 min cooldown or an administrator to manually re-anable – contool Jan 31 at 10:26

This is not available natively and you cannot temporarily disable console sign-in as far as I know (though you can deactivate IAM user keys).

You could potentially build a solution that tells you this kind of thing is happening, however, but it wouldn't be trivial. Failed Sign-in attempts are logged in CloudTrail so you could send the logs to CloudWatch Logs, and then process the relevant logs to detect sign-in anomalies, and take actions such as send notifications.

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