I'm looking at a flask app which I would like to import into an openshift project (https://github.com/lpolepeddi/intro-to-flask) . This contains a a series of 'checkpoints'(branches) as part of a tut. I want to grab the final code which is at https://github.com/lpolepeddi/intro-to-flask/tree/20_visibility_control for the starting point of a project . Is the a way to get a unique git url for this branch of the form


So that I can pull it in with a command like:

 git remote add upstream -m master https://github.com/shekhargulati/flask-login-openshift-quickstart.git

Although as far as I know "single branch GitHub url" doesn't exist, you could just clone entire repo and later change branch:

git clone https://github.com/lpolepeddi/intro-to-flask.git
cd intro-to-flask
git checkout 20_visibility_control

or as stated in this answer, clone only one branch:

git clone --branch 20_visibility_control --single-branch https://github.com/lpolepeddi/intro-to-flask.git

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