I have a string like "123456 abcdefgh ijkl mno 78903 "

Now, I have to split into three parts i.e

  1. string1- "123456"
  2. string2 - "abcdefgh ijkl mno"
  3. string3 - "78903"
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So your common splitter is a space, which essencially lets you do this:

public void Example()
    var content = "123456 abcdefgh ijkl mno 78903";
    var parts = content.Split(' '); // split on spaces

    var string1 = parts.First();
    var string3 = parts.Last();
    var theRest = content
        .Replace(parts.First(), "")
        .Replace(parts.Last(), "");

What I basically did over here is to split the original string on space, so I have an array of parts, then I get the first and the last part, and finally, I remove those from the content to provide what is left.


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