How do I turn off autocomplete in Light Table?

Might user.behaviors looks as so

 [:app :lt.objs.style/set-skin "dark"]
;; Automagically closes parentheses
 [:app :lt.objs.settings/pair-keymap-diffs]

 [:editor :lt.objs.editor/wrap]
 [:editor :lt.objs.editor/line-numbers]
 [:editor :lt.objs.style/font-settings "Menlo" "9" "1.2"]
 [:editor :lt.objs.style/set-theme "monokai"]

 [:editor.clojure :lt.objs.langs.clj/print-length 1000]
 ;; Turn off autocomplete
 [:editor :lt.plugins.auto-complete/auto-show-on-input]

I have tried adding [:editor :lt.plugins.auto-complete/auto-show-on-input] but it is not working.


To turn of textual hints use:

[:editor :-lt.plugins.auto-complete/textual-hints]

If you want to turn off textual hints for say just javascript you do

[:editor.javascript :-lt.plugins.auto-complete/textual-hints]

If you want to turn off autocomplete all together:

[:editor :-lt.plugins.auto-complete/show-hint]
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This is what you need to do:

 [:editor :-lt.plugins.auto-complete/auto-show-on-input]
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Try adding this:

:- {:editor [:lt.plugins.auto-complete/auto-show-on-input]}

What you want to do is subtract it from the diffs in the file. See this post for more details and an example behaviors file snippet.

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  • I tried about four version of this (in the new format) [:- :editor [:lt.plugins.auto-complete/auto-show-on-input]] but neither of them worked. Including - :editor [:lt.plugins.auto-complete/auto-show-on-input] and various others. – Astrid Jan 19 '16 at 20:33

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