I've read Jeff's documentation inside and out. I'm still not able to log into GameCircle on my Samsung S3.

(31429): Unable to initialise AmazonGamesClient - service not ready. Status=CANNOT_INITIALIZE

I have the right security profile, app signature, api_key.txt. Is there anything I'm missing? Is there a GameCircle app I need to download or something? How would GameCircle even know I have an Amazon account?

I did download the Amazon Underground App Store app but that hasn't made a difference.


After talking to the company that makes my engine (GameMaker Studio) it seems like they have bugs with the Amazon compile target. So not my end afterall.


QUOTE "When testing your GameCircle integration, if CANNOT_INITIALIZE AmazonGamesStatus is returned to your callback function by initialize(), you may not have correctly registered the package name and signature of the game build. Review the steps in Setting Up Your GameCircle Configuration, and then try again."



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