My code has an ElasticSearch query and aggregations in JSON format, and wants to call the ElasticSearch Java API.

For the Query portion, I can use WrapperQuery to build the query from the JSON as so:

val query = Json.obj(
  "query_string" -> Json.obj("query" -> "*"))

val aggs = Json.obj(
  "gender" -> Json.obj("terms" -> Json.obj("field": "gender")),
  "age"    -> Json.obj("terms" -> Json.obj("field": "age")))

val aggsRequestBuilder = new SearchRequestBuilder(client)

But then, I also have the JSON for the aggregations and I don't see an AggregationsBuilder.wrapperAggregation() function that I can use to build aggregations object from JSON.

Am I missing something?


I discovered the answer, undocumented. The byte[] overload of setAggregations() will accept JSON. I hope this is helpful to others.

val aggsRequestBuilder = new SearchRequestBuilder(client)
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    How to do this using RestHighLevelClient in E.S 5.6? – user1870400 Jul 19 '18 at 9:11

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